Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control

This disgusting ring permeates every facet of society which is why victims are targeted and called liars while the accused slither away like the snakes and slime they are. Kudos to Fiona for speaking out. This stuff has been going on for too long.


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We revisit the deathbed confessions of Frater 616 which revealed that Satanism has corrupted society to a far greater degreethan we ever imagined. This may explainwhy, increasingly, Western society resemblesa satanic cult.

(from Jan 3, 2010) by Henry Makow Ph.D.

sat-sacrifice.jpg (l.sick satanic ritual sacrifice)

In an explosive deathbed confession, a former head of the satanist “Alpha Lodge” in Sydney, Australia, revealed the pervasive  worldwide power of organized Satanism, which is synonymous with the Illuminati.

“Things are not as they seem — and they have not been for a long, long time,” he wrote, describing a wholesale betrayal of society by its ostensible leaders.

“Petor Narsagonan” aka “Frater 616” died March 25, 2004. Recently, his executor, an “Aloysius Fozdyke” (their satanic names) sent the 15 pp. document by email to Arthur Cristian, webmaster of “”

“I have felt it necessary to edit very little of this work,” “Fozdyke” wrote to Cristian, “although legal…

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Lies, damned lies and the media. How the Courier Mail deleted my legitimate 9/11 comments.

Today the Courier Mail posted an article under the guise of reporting but it soon became clear that it was less reporting than attacking those who have real questions and answers. They deleted my comments/links to some very good sources of information from legitimate experts in their fields such as Architects, Engineers, Scientists and Pilots. The Courier Mail article can be read here.

The “journalist” stated this at the end of the article. “A WORD TO ALL YOU conspiracists out there, and others. I will personally be uploading your comments today in the interests of free speech, which we all hold dear. By all means debate the content of this article. But keep the tone civil or your comments go in the cyberbin. Cheers — Ant Sharwood.”

The point of this post is to show that not only is he biased/lying but also censors useful information as my screen shots of today’s events will show. So much for free speech Ant.

(Click on the images to see the larger versions)

I’d tried a few minutes earlier to post this comment at 3:25pm to no avail.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:25:17Then this one.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:25:57

This was the result.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:26:19

No luck so I tried this.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:27:26Again, no success.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:27:42

This guy (AUS) essentially mentions what I was also wishing to post.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:49:21

As you see, Luke asks for links……hmmm I tried but they obviously don’t like such convenience for others.

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:50:20

Finally a post gets approved….albeit a useless one. So, I try some more. The time now is 3:54pm

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:54:25

Great now to try some more……

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:55:57


Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:56:26

Time to try again……

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:57:35

Success once more….only after removing any links (which people asked for) to useful information. :-/

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 15:58:04

After that the posts seemed to keep coming but would never allow to post an actual link to experts in their fields. But they do let some moron (Pa Kelvin) compare my posts to starfish. Real Mensa material!

Screenshot from 2015-09-11 16:24:26

Whether or not you believe the official story of 9/11 or not it is not professional, nor ethical, and quite frankly, deliberately deceptive for the Courier Mail to refuse to publish legitimate comments, questions and scientific data that would prove that the courier mail publish biased bullshit and blatant lies. This, as a matter of course, calls the conduct and goals of the Courier Mail and Ant Sharwood into question. If they can lie and misrepresent once, how many times before and since has that happened? It seems it’s a case of Ant by name, ant by nature. Industrious, tows the corporate line but not too bright. Take a lesson in physics and ethics Ant. For those who want to know more than what the media and government want you to here are some links. (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth) and (Pilots for 9/11 truth).

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How to determine if your country is controlled by a terrorist organisation…

Well said!

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 henry kissinger the evil fuck

How to determine if your country is controlled by a terrorist organisation…

Sometimes we get a little confused about the true meanings of words.  For instance, if someone comes to your home and tries to attack you, you are naturally going to defend yourself and your family, and rightly so.  But, if you went to your neighbours house and began to threaten them with a gun, steal their family heirlooms and poison the ground before you left, that would be an attack.   The trouble is we’ve been taught to believe that going to other countries and blowing them up for whatever fictitious reason is defence, but if those people defend themselves in their home countries it’s an attack. Oh yes, those poor soldiers dying overseas “fighting for our freedom”,  torturing, killing, destroying…  No really, I feel for them, not when they’re doing it, they are criminals of the…

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20 methods governments use to enslave

One of the best articles I’ve read in ages!!!

Pieta Morgan's Blog


1. Birth Certificate

Ah the birth certificate fraud.. what a dark deception it is.  Of course it’s not lawful or just, as it breaches all aspects of contract law, and is clearly a deceptive way to garner slaves, but the government think they own you.

The birth (or berth) certificate is a warehouse receipt, once you travel through the ‘birth canal’ and your parents register you,  you  become ‘stock’, as in goods, owned by the government and used as collateral for government’s acquired debt. When our parents registered us they were deceived, as I’m sure none of us would willingly give up our children as slaves to pay off a criminal organization’s debt!

2. Slavery, Taxes, pensions and superannuation

Taxes, taxes taxes… They say that the only two things  guaranteed in life are death and taxes.  Australian’s pay on average, per year, more than 150 different taxes. “In Australia, taxes…

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System of abuse – Inside Queensland’s mental health system

Spread this far and wide!

Pieta Morgan's Blog

Clint beforeClint after

Epictetus once stated; “Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.” And how true that is.  Is it not our right to live as we please without interference? As long as we are not harming another, why would anyone be locked up without their consent based on government legislation? And why, as a society, would we allow that?

More than ever my thoughts go out to the the victims of the the ‘mental health’ system. The mental health system in Australia and many other parts of the world, is not a lawful system at all, and as such is being used by many different kinds of dubious people, including politicians, to lock up people that they consider a threat.  It is also a potential ‘playground’ for mental health employees with psychopathic tendencies or sadistic sexual fetishes to access vulnerable people who are debilitated with…

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Revolution or evolution? To repeat or not to repeat? That is the question.

(via’s a lot of talk amongst the truth movement and new agers and even some people in general about revolution. Change is a great thing in fact, as Einstein said, “change is the only constant in the universe”. It’s not a matter of change though but a matter of what kind of change. When Obama promised change look at what we got, more of the same and worse. The word revolution means to come around again. When we do the same thing again we are just repeating history and not learning from and evolving past our old thinking, doing and being. The result of that will be more of the same, an ebb and flow of joy and pain. Revolutions come about when people don’t learn from past mistakes and try to instigate change based on old ways and methods. There may be a brief period of joy or peace that follows but that wheel keeps spinning and eventually the dark night comes around to bite us all in the arse for our lack of vision. Evolution is the understanding of the past and requires the foresight of new ways that don’t allow repeats of past mistakes to come to fruition ever again. It involves getting to the core truth and building on that foundation which for many can be a very scary and tumultuous experience. Just like any illness, however, there is some pain involved in healing but the result is worth the effort. It’s time to stop falling into the trap of those calling for revolution and start creating our own evolution. Almost invariably those calling for revolution have vested interests of re-badging old systems to use to their own benefit whilst misleading those who trust in authority figures. As the saying goes, same shit, different smell. If we truly learn from how things came to be in the past we can evolve from them and head in a new direction rather than being stuck on a wheel of ebbs and flows a bit like the wheel of dharma.

We’ve been so conditioned from the cradle to accept what our peers and other figures of authority say that we rarely question it and even when we do most of us fall into old subconscious patterns of how to go about things. The road to evolution is quite frankly a complete unravelling of all the conditioning that we have been exposed to especially that which has happened in our schooling years. Just because someone with a lab coat, religious garb or a piece of chalk in their hand says it’s so doesn’t mean that it is so. A case in example would be my son who in grade one was given reading books to help him with his reading. One such book was about tails. It went something like what kind of animal has this tail and would have a picture of the back end of an animal so the reader has to guess what the animal is. The last page in the book was, what animal has no tail and had a picture of a kid hanging upside down by their legs on some monkey bars. I told my son that some humans actually do have tails and it’s called a vestigial tail. It’s quite rare but it happens. He went to school the next day and told his teacher only to be told he was wrong and that I was wrong. He was upset that the teacher wouldn’t believe him after I’d shown him pictures and videos of such a thing. That night I printed out a piece of paper with a research article on human vestigial tails and some links to youtube videos of people wagging their vestigial tails. My son took it to school the next day and showed the teacher. When I picked him up from school and asked him what the teacher said about it he said “she just said that’s interesting” and that was the end of it.

The danger in this scenario is that the teacher didn’t check up on what a kid said or his father because she was a “teacher” and teachers are trained (conditioned) to regurgitate information not research it especially if the info is coming from an in-authoritative source. Children are not taught how to learn in school but what to learn which is one of the major causes of revolution rather than evolution. The cause of future mistakes and revolution is embedded within this experience. Fortunately my son learned that day that authority figures/peers aren’t reliable sources for information and that a bit of research goes a long way in finding the truth. That is a lesson in evolution. When we can see the stark difference between the two that is when we can really mould our future and steer away from past mistakes. Viva la evolution!

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Distractions and dependency on social media. Do we need a social media evolution?

(via media seems to be one of those two edged sword scenarios where it’s great for sharing information quickly and communicating with others but it has a huge down side also. Due to algorithms like those used on facebook and other sites, people can be steered and manipulated in ways they’re not even aware of. Facebook even admitted to doing it at one point but lied about the scope of what they were doing and how long it’s been going on for. You can read all about that here  and here . Although I’ve been warning people about this for the last five or so years on facebook it’s largely fallen on deaf ears but maybe some will listen after reading the article. Have you ever gone to post something or read something only to be distracted by something else that comes up on your wall or a bunch of people messaging you, all at once. Many people today are dependent on social media for information and communication with friends but most aren’t aware of the fact that the constant distractions are steering many away from what they would otherwise do. Before I was on facebook I was able to do a huge amount of research in a short amount of time and check it’s legitimacy before putting it out there but once on facebook I found that there was so much info (information overload) that I was falling into a pattern of doing a quick glance over the info without checking it only to find I wouldn’t have posted after a decent check. I would also find, at times, that I was off track with where I was intending to go. The result is time wasted and the spreading of incorrect information and being steered off the original path. The solution can be found in many ways, for me it was to start a blog and use email or chat clients to keep up with friends and to do my research the way I used to before social media. For others it may be some other way. I feel that there needs to be a migration or evolution away from social media that still allows the sharing of information but avoids the manipulation by a group of people with vested interests in what we know.

In the weeks to come I will be writing a few different blogs on how to go about getting yourself setup for a social media evolution so that you don’t loose any friends from facebook and the information you post will stay up forever and not be hidden or censored by some future social media algorithm. Keep watching this space as I usually post every couple of days but may be ramping that up a little in the weeks to come. I intend to give a background on the real motives for the social media phenomenon and how it can be evolved into something that gives choice and power back to the individual instead of some malicious corporation. Stay tuned 😀

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